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Spray foam insulation is ideal for attics. If your attic is insufficiently insulated, the money that you are spending on heating and cooling is going right out of the roof! Spray foam insulation makes an airtight seal on your attic so that moisture and drafts will stay out. Without moisture in your attic, you won’t need to worry about a musty smell or any mold or mildew growth. Spray foam insulation is the absolute gold standard of attic insulation and can make an especially large difference if you are living in an older home. 


Spray foam insulation is a phenomenally effective wall insulation product to keep out noise, improve energy efficiency and reduce drafts.  Many homes, both new and old, have no insulation or inadequate insulation in the walls. Without a tight air-seal, you are inviting mold, high energy bills and a whole host of other problems into your home. Spray foam insulation is the best solution for filling empty walls without major construction in your home. 


Some of the biggest problems in many area homes include a musty basement smell and basement mold and mildew growth. The primary cause of these problems is excess moisture from a high level of humidity. By installing spray foam insulation in your basement, you can eliminate excess moisture in the air and prevent mold and mildew growth. The air-seal will keep the elements outside of your basement and lower your monthly energy bills.


Spray foam insulation can be installed in crawlspaces in a matter of hours without major construction or disruption in your home. Spray foam insulation expands to fit any size of crawlspace and does an incredibly effective job of sealing your home. Insulating your crawlspace will keep your home warm in the winter and cool all summer long.

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