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Demilec APX

DEMILEC APX is a revolutionary open cell spray foam that can be used in attics and crawlspaces without an ignition barrier or coating. Demilec APX is one of a select group of products that is compliant with the strictest test requirements of the International Code Council without the use of additional fire protection products. 

Demilec APX provides all of the traditional benefits consumers expect from spray foam including air-sealing, lowered heating and cooling bills, reducing dust and allergens and a quieter indoor environment. 

Heatlok Soy-200 Plus

HEATLOK SOY 200 PLUS combines multiple control layers into a single application, saving both time and money on construction costs while creating the perfect wall system. When you choose Heatlok Soy-200 Plus spray foam insulation for your project, you receive an air barrier, water-resistant barrier, vapor barrier, drain plane and high R-value insulation in a single, efficient product and application process. 

With nearly unmatched versatility, technology and quality, Heatlok Soy-200 Plus is the smart choice for commercial, residential, multifamily and agricultural constructions.

SEALECTION Agribalance

SEALECTION AGRIBALANCE is a premium-grade open cell spray foam insulation that contains 20% refined vegetable oils. SEALECTION Agribalance is the preferred open cell spray foam insulation for green structures. SEALECTION Agribalance is ICC approved and can be used for wall cavities, agricultural settings, farms and floors.