Spray Foam Insulation

NOVA Spray Foam Insulation is committed to providing affordable, healthy and energy-efficient solutions to homeowners and business owners that are environmentally-friendly, permanent and made in America. We are experts in the field and have extensive training and experience in designing solutions for residential, commercial, agricultural and steel frame projects. 

New Construction

Spray foam insulation can be installed with other trades on-site at the same point in construction where traditional insulation would be installed. Spray foam insulation performs up to 50% more energy efficiently. 

Retrofit and Remediation

Spray foam insulation eliminates mold and mildew by removing old insulation and replacing it with moisture-resistant and air-sealed insulation. Spray foam insulation also dramatically improves energy efficiency and indoor air quality. 

Commercial and Agriculture

Spray foam insulation extends the lifespan of buildings, machinery and inventory by eliminating the movement of humid air through walls. NOVA Spray Foam Insulation can boost your bottom line and eliminate many of the hassles that plague commercial and agricultural buildings. Our superior products will allow you to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level permanently. Spray foam insulation also eliminates distractions that come from musty odors and noise. 

Spray foam insulation can be used between floors and walls of schools, office buildings, apartment buildings hotels and motels. Over time, spray foam insulations offer a fantastic return on investment. The savings you will receive as a result of lower heating and cooling bills and increased productivity will more than pay for your initial investment. Unlike other insulation materials, spray foam insulation will never sag, settle or deteriorate over time. 

Steel Frame Construction

Metal frame construction presents a unique set of challenges above and beyond most moisture-related problems. By air-sealing with spray foam insulation, those problems will be a thing of the past. The spray foam insulation liquid expands up to 120 times the volume within seconds. The expansion allows the insulation to fill every void, no matter how small. 

Spray foam insulation is ideal for insulating hat channels and C-channels without corroding metal studs. Spray foam insulation materials are single-application, permanent solutions to insulate steel buildings and steel frame constructions. Because they are an innovative and permanent solution, a 2,500 square foot building can be insulated in less than a day. No special framing or additional air sealing is required, saving you time and money. The dramatic improvement in energy performance will quickly cover the investment you made in spray foam insulation.


NOVA Spray Foam Zero Energy Home

Nash Net Zero Energy Home, Part 1 of 2

Nash Net Zero Energy Home, Part 2 of 2